What does OFFER mean?

What does OFFER mean?

The offer is divided in three components:

* Stock
* Price
* Delivery (Shipment)
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    • How does ManoMano sync the products and offer info ?

      Product info is imported via feed (csv,xml,xlsx) automatically (2 times every 24h) or manually directly on the toolbox. Offer info is imported every 3h via feed (csv,xml,xlsx) and at the frequency of your choice with the API.
    • What are the current functionalities available?

      The current functionalities available through the ManoMano Partners API include: Orders API (REST): Access order-related data. You are not autonomous yet to create your testing orders but we can do it for you so you can test the REST API flow. Offers ...
    • Is it there a test environment available ?

      Yes, we have a sandbox environment : www.toolbox.sandox.manomano.com This Sandbox environment will enable you to test all the ManoMano APIs capabilities. As this is an isolated environment, you will have to create your testing API keys here, which ...