Can I filter orders based on the date they were last updated?

Can I filter orders based on the date they were last updated?

Yes, you can filter orders based on their status update dates using the parameters status_updated_at_start and status_updated_at_end.
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      To use the "Get Orders" endpoint, you must include the following required parameters: seller_contract_id: The contract ID for the seller. order_reference: The order reference. status: The order status (e.g., PENDING). carrier: The carrier for the ...
    • What is the ManoMano Partners API?

      The ManoMano Partners API is a REST-based API that provides programmatic access to data related to orders, offers, stock, and more within the ManoMano platform. It allows integration with the ManoMano ecosystem to enhance selling efficiency, reduce ...
    • What is the significance of the "WAITING_PAYMENT" status?

      The "WAITING_PAYMENT" status is related to the order processing cycle. However, as of now, the "WAITING_PAYMENT" status is not available in the Orders API (REST).
    • How seller can update prices and stocks ?

      The stock can be updated vía feed in the toolbox manually or using the automatic feed (css, xml ,xlxl) through an FTP server link or Via API Patch Update Offers
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      The current functionalities available through the ManoMano Partners API include: Orders API (REST): Access order-related data. You are not autonomous yet to create your testing orders but we can do it for you so you can test the REST API flow. Offers ...